Friday, April 2, 2021

Catching up

 This is what my wood stove area looks like in the middle of winter. Surrounded by chicken water buckets thawing out and stacks of wood with a big pot of water for humidity. Cleaning definitely takes a back seat to function.

Eventually, winter staggers off and it's time to think of better things to come. Cue starting seeds. I have to protect my aerogardens from Loki who thinks anything in the house is fair game for her to play with, hence the fence.

I already gave some of the pansies and marigolds to my mom. I'm about to give up on the lemon tree seeds though. No activity at all.


Mama Pea said...

A true working homestead home interior. Love it!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Yes it's important to have function over form sometimes! What part of the country do you live in in the midwest? Or? Thanks

Leigh said...

I had to smile at your first two photos. They look so homey and real to me. And then the AeroGarden gadgets! I've never seen those before! You've got my curiosity up. :)

Rosalea said...

Did you peel off the outsides of the lemon seeds? They sprout so much faster when the sprout doesn't have to push through the outside shell.

tpals said...

Thanks, Mama Pea.

Nancy, I'm in S.D.

Leigh, you could probably find one used. I mostly use them for starting seeds.

Rosalea, no, just straight planting.

Granny Sue said...

My does that stove area look familiar. We used to have the same assortment, but thankfully now we have an outdoor spigot for water and an electric heater under the chickens waterer that helps a lot. And gas --free-- instead of the wood stove. But your post sure brought back memories. Loving all your plants. I'm so far behind this year for one reason or other.