Saturday, March 12, 2022

The opposite of chicken thief

 A couple weeks ago I found a strange rooster in my chicken pen. Weird, but I do have a wild turkey so thought he might have been a runaway. Then I found another one. Then the hens started fighting and there are pullet eggs. It's become clear someone did a dump and run of their unwanted birds. 

Why this bothers me: bird flu is rearing its ugly head again and I know nothing about these chickens. Also, they've completely disrupted the peace of my flock. I already had two extra roosters I hadn't culled yet because they weren't causing problems. Adding two MORE roosters ended that tranquility and I had to do emergency butchering to protect my alpha rooster's life. Plus the hens had to reestablish the pecking order. It's a mess.


Mama Pea said...

What a weird happening! And would be MUCH unappreciated by me, as it was by you. That takes some nerve to just dump other chickens on you. How and when could that have happened? Any idea who might have done such a thing?

tpals said...

No idea. Why raise chickens to the point of laying then choose to get rid of them on the edge of springtime?