Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Paying Attention

I was just comparing syrup brands and wondering why one was so much more expensive. Looked at the ingredients and there the answer is: only ingredient was maple syrup. The cheaper brands were all based on corn syrup, if not high fructose corn syrup. 

Lesson learned: all syrups are not created equal. Ha! I tend to eat a lot of scrambled eggs breakfasts because it's easy, cheap and diabetic friendly, but it can get boring. I've begun eating them with syrup instead of ketchup and just that little change was enough to make them palatable again.


Mama Pea said...

Another reason to read labels. High fructose corn syrup . . . baaad for us! Pure maple syrup? Good for us! Also check the color of the syrup. The darker the syrup, the more true "maple" flavor you get. Now you've got me wanting some scrambled eggs with maple syrup!

Leigh said...

Real maple syrup is one of those things I've decided is worth the higher price. We only use it once a week (sunday morning pancakes) but I really prefer it. One thing I've noticed about the HFCS syrups, is that after getting used to real maple, the cheap syrups have a slightly sourish taste. I assume it's the preservative. Most people don't pick up on it, but after getting used to the real stuff, it just doesn't taste as good.