Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Why is it supposed to be helpful to talk about your problems? I could tell someone that the guy I loved for the last five years stopped loving me...they could agree that it sucks...and then what? More details? Yes, I saw the signs that he was losing, I don't know, he didn't say anything. Awkward pause...

And what's with the fade away exit? Why no exit line? I can think of some great ones:
I'm taking a sensitive position and you're a security risk.
I'm bisexual and my boyfriend is jealous.
I won the lottery and I'm not sharing.
I'm bored.

So, I accept that I won't know the whys and get on with everything else that has to be done. I can still be thankful for the good: friends and family who care, a job I enjoy, a home I love, and so many fascinating things to learn and try. I'm feeling more centered now than I have in months. I'm doing fine.


Amber Dee said...

I think that is what sisters are for, to open up and let it out. and it is very hard with our family. we don't communicate well. call me I'm home and have anytime minutes left..

dcjack said...

It was none of those !