Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fighting the winter blahs

Snow, ground blizzards, dangerous wind chills and white everywhere you look...probably explains why we tend to decorate with rich colors. The most recent room I painted was my bedroom. Rhubarb red wouldn't be everyone's first choice, but I love the feeling of warmth I get from it.

I read a blog today about giving up shampoo. Nope, not for me. Another item on my list of green things I'm not willing to try: toilet cloth, handkerchiefs, and not bathing frequently. I have switched to solid shampoos which eliminates the plastic packaging and does a great job.

On the frugal front, I'm pleased to report that I have not eaten out at all this month and no frivolous spending. I'm afraid the furnace repair bill will offset any saving I manage, but that certainly was necessary.

"I wish...I wish...I wish..."

No magic here. No fairy tale ending.


Anonymous said...

Very Nice. Good Job

Diane said...

I love the paint job, it looks great!!! I helped my dad do his dining room that color a few years ago.