Friday, January 30, 2009

The floor

This is where it all started. My new bamboo floor stacked in the corner adjusting to the temperature in my house.
Some people could have done this installation themselves, but with an investment in materials like this I wanted it done right. Fortunately, I have a contractor. My knees hurt just looking at this picture.
The cabinets in the background I did install myself. Thanks to a job building cabinets many years ago, I could handle that part.

Down to the finishing touches.

They even managed to place the flooring underneath the legs of the radiator. Not a job for light-weights.

It feels so good just to have my kitchen furniture back in the right spaces!

I love it.

I've been lucky enough to find both an excellent electrician and contractor. If only I had such luck with plumbers. I've heard the horror stories of shady contractors. Ones who take the money and disappear, only do the demolition, haven't a clue about the job, or just do really shoddy work. I've been working with mine for over eight years and have never been disappointed. He's smart, meticulous to details, and dependable. Yes, even worth waiting three months for a floor.

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Compostwoman said...

It looks beautiful and I *love* the cabinets!