Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January winding down

It's been a busy, stressful month. I'm almost at the end of my goal of not eating out at all! That was probably the hardest part of being frugal; having to cook when I didn't feel like it so I'd have something for lunch the next day. I need to work on my goulash to get a bit more flavor there. I also need to find some more recipes (easy ones!) that I can try out. I actually enjoy having real meals at home, obviously I need to force myself to make them though. I'm thinking of letting myself eat out 1 lunch a week in February.

Other changes...I've stopped using my clothes dryer completely. I may have to figure out somewhere in the basement to put another line. It's not really a problem now since the air is so dry. Spring will be interesting.

My contractor is coming on Thursday to put the kitchen floor in! He has to come because he's having me pick up the tools from the rental tomorrow evening.

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