Saturday, January 31, 2009

Junior Day!

This was a very busy, yet fun day. My old college invited high school juniors up for tours and sessions. We both really enjoyed it and Raleigh found out exactly what he needs to do to get into college. He came away excited about where he's going. Now, just to translate that excitement into the work needed to get there.

I finally got my W2 from work so when we got home I filed my income tax return. At least that's off my to-do list.

Interesting development: this morning I was motivated enough to exercise. That hasn't happened for months...something to do with having my house back in better condition maybe? I used my solar powered battery to run the tv while I rode the stationary bike (watching a Robbie Williams dvd) so that was my green work out!

I've borrowed a book called Total Money Makeover from the library. I'm hoping to get more ideas on debt reduction.

Tomorrow is a new month and a chance to cut back on grocery costs again.

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