Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Heating Up...

Well, not really. We had enough of a snowstorm last night to get school cancelled today. It was a nice day at home and it stayed warm enough that the snow swiftly turned to mush and the interstates have been opened again.

Where the Heat does come in...many years ago my ex was making plans for his visit and one item on the agenda was to watch the movie Heat with my son (something he probably forgot long ago). Since that never happened I've had the dvd sitting in my cupboard all this time. Today we watched it...nearly three hours long!! It was good for an action/thriller; good acting, interesting plot. It's probably a sign of how sheltered we are here that when a woman picked up a man she had only seen around a few times and took him home that we were surprised by how reckless she was.

My impulse decision to go brunette seems to have worked out ok. I'm not used to it yet, but I got quite a few compliments at work. It was fun seeing my mom freak out "But you've been blonde since you were two months old!!!!!" At 41 years old, maybe I'm overdue for a few changes.

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