Monday, March 2, 2009

stuff - fun or not

Still winter and cold so I spent the weekend inside doing.

Cleaned the fish tank:

I know a fish tank isn't frightfully green, but I've had my silver dollars for years and they're staying.

I also made butter. No special reason, I just wanted to try something different and new. I managed to make quite a mess of the kitchen, but now have butter and buttermilk. :)

Aren't these lovely? What's left of the first dozen eggs I got from my parents now that the chickens are laying again.
I thought the farm was too sad when they didn't have any hens. It just wasn't a proper farm! I ended up having to enclose the chick room of the barn with metal mesh to keep the rats out. Of course, as Dick Strawbridge says 'it's better to beg forgiveness than ask permission'. Which is why I bought the chicks and just showed up at the farm with them.

The turkeys were a bit more of a hassle since they had to be housed separate from the chickens until they were old enough to be disease resistant but they turned out to be beautiful birds. My mom has no regrets (we won't ask my dad).

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