Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tomorrow will be a day of thrills and excitement as I share .....wait for it.... pictures of turkey eggs! Woo hoo!

But for now I just have to say that this was a beautiful day. Warmth, sunshine, gentle breezes; I even hung my laundry outside to dry instead of in the basement. I was kicking back watching my current addiction: Biggest Loser Australia (way better than the american version) when my dad calls. He wants to put the panes in the greenhouse but can't figure out the instructions. Thus I spent the next three hours in dirt, grime and spiders helping him out. I got the rubber gasket fitted throughout and he put in about half the panes before the light started fading.

Something I noticed on the drive home that seemed odd; even as warm as it's been, the lake is still frozen over. And there's talk of snow next week...grrrrrrrrrrrr. Well, it can't last long and the leaf buds on the trees are starting to plump. Happy Spring!

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