Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 3

An interesting day to be sure. My parents had been away for a few days so I went over to visit them. We decided to get some work done on the greenhouse while the weather was cooperating. My dad and I loaded it onto the back of the pickup to haul it up near the house. Unfortunately, it's much larger than the truck bed and he put a 10 foot long 4x4 board under it to prop it up. I walked behind the truck to balance the greenhouse...and naturally, when the board fell off it bounced off my foot. Sigh, a nasty bruise and we were barely out of the shed. We kept going until he drove under a tree and the branches pushed the greenhouse off the truck. I yelled at him to stop before the whole thing came crashing down. Finally, it was in place.

Neither of my parents are interested in reading obscure and poorly illustrated instructions and messing about with the fiddly bits (which is why the greenhouse kit has been lying about the shed for years). Lucky me. Everything was done except the louvre window and the door. Actually the window was easy enough, but the door was horrible. I've given my dad the assignment of buying longer bolts so the door track can be mounted properly. I'd still like to finish the job completely this week.

On a lighter note, I've been watching Midsomer Murders from the beginning and last night dreamt about a murder. The funny thing is that my dream had theme might be a sign of a few too many shows.

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