Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 6

Today we went to see the King Tut exhibit. I've always been interested in Egyptology; thanks in part to Amelia Peabody. Having read her stories makes me feel as if I knew Howard Carter. Funny how a fictional character can make history seem more real.

Other than a few pieces of jewelry, all on exhibit were replicas of the actual artifacts. My favorite parts were the photographs of Carter and the unearthing of the tomb.

This afternoon I ran some errands in town and stopped at the farmers market. I had hoped to find honey and some of that delicious bread sold last year, but there wasn't much to choose from at any of the tables. Hopefully, later in the summer it will offer more.
I just finished turning my compost piles. Too dry again. I must remember to check that more often.


Compostwoman said...

I remember seeing the King Tut exhibition in London in ?1970? ( I was under 10 I think?)

It was fabulous!

Glad you are having a good break!

Compostwoman said...

it was 1972, I went and checked!

I WAS 10...I went with Mum and by brother as a birthday trip ans treat...we queued for hours and hours to get in.....

I remember the colours were SO fabulous and bright...almost gareish as I recall....

tpals said...

That is neat that you got to see it. Then it was probably authentic artifacts too. Egypt is on my wish list.

Compostwoman said...

Yes I checked and it was the real deal....
BUT I would rather get to see replicas now , and know they were not degrading in the atmosphere and getting damaged IYKWIM?

I was Sooooo lucky to see the real thing..and I guess am one of the last to see them from looking at the tour details?

The ones you saw looked amazing though..I would never have known if they were replicas ... if you had not mentioned it?


(as Compostgirl would say!)