Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 7

I stopped over at the farm to steal some well-rotted chicken manure. You know it's matured when I've got 4 buckets in the back seat and I (of the super-sensitive nose) can't smell anything! I've got to start thinking things through ahead of time though. Shovelling in slip-on shoes with no support always messes up my ankle.

This old barn is the treasure trove of chicken leavings. I wish my dad had done maintenance back when it was salvageable. Now that the roof is mostly decayed away, it's too late and they couldn't afford the fortune it would eat up.

Happier news: we put the roof vent in over the louvre window and finished the door support. Hooray!!!! My part is done.

Two days left before work calls me back. I'm feeling very relaxed.


mrsnesbitt said...

Oh what an inspiration your blog has been, I have been reading it for ages! Better move, 37 pints of cider to bottle.


tpals said...

Thank you! I've peeked in at your blog and looking forward to many hours spent reading through your archives.