Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trade in result

A couple weeks ago I heard about where I could get cash for cds/dvds. I went to the site and entered the ISBN number, whenever it was at least worth $1.50 I added it to the sell pile. Boxed up, shipped with Media Mail (the cheap way) and waited for the email. A few of the cds were in poor enough condition that they wouldn't take them, but I still got a value of $118 for the box. Today the check arrived!

So, if you're like me and all your music is on an mp3 player (and backed up on another hard drive) consider selling on some of those cds you never listen to anymore. If you happened to mention my name when they ask where you heard about them I'd get a referral bonus too. :)

On another topic: when you wait too long between cleanings, the guinea pig cages become a major project...and more than a little whiffy too. On the plus side, the mess that just got added to the compost pile is well on it's way to being decomposed already. Lol.

Julius, the alpha piggy, died of old age last week and left a hole in the leadership. Now Gus and Octavius are fussing at each other deciding who gets to be in charge. This, even though their cage is twice the recommended size for two males. Silly boys.


Anonymous said...

I may check out this cd/dvd thing..I don't know whether it would apply for the uk though???

tpals said...

There are probably similar companies there. Good luck!