Friday, July 30, 2010

Family in an emergency

Something I've thought about is taking care of family in a crisis. That really is the most basic form of community, isn't it?

My parents live a few miles away. Sometimes they talk about moving south or even just to a town. I hope they never do. Instinct tells me to keep my loved ones close so I can take care of them. Even having my son thirty miles away for college makes me nervous.

I wish my brother and his partner would move here. Just getting them out of the city would help, but I want them near. (Incentive: the phone company has upped the speed of my internet connection to 3 times what it was when you visited! And that's just the basic cheap speed.)

I know my Texan sister would never move back. She would hate it and has always said her choice is to go farther south. For someone like her who is better suited for the heat it still would be nice if she wasn't in the city.

My other sister is near enough that it's not a worry getting her closer in an emergency.

Interesting that we all garden even after so many years off the farm.

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