Sunday, July 11, 2010

updates all around

I finally planted out the chokecherry and gold currant bushes. These jobs would go a lot easier if it weren't so very humid again. I put them along the sides of the dog pen. It's the safest place from the lawnmower (other than IN the dog pen which they probably wouldn't survive).

I also rediscovered the garlic plants. The potato row sort of went mad in a sideways direction and enveloped them. These are the potatoes that haven't blighted so I'll forgive their wayward tendencies.

The zucchinis (courgettes) are coming along delightfully; fruiting strongly so far. And I've heard that the extra seedling I adopted out has grown very large and is thriving in it's city home.

Cucumbers and green beans are also setting young produce and the tomatoes in the polytunnel are looking like wild jungle creatures. That's my fault for putting so many in; I need a larger tunnel!

I've been reading D.E. Stevenson again. Comfort books.

My niece's wedding is just 5 weeks away. I really need to figure out what to give them but their gift registry items are so boring! The bridal shower was fun. The first I've gone to (elopements run in our family).

We went to see Despicable Me last night. Very funny and thoroughly enjoyable. Right up there with Monsters, Inc for original material.


Hope said...

I feel you with the boring gift registry items. My cousin's bridal shower is in 2 weeks...and since she made her registry on, I got excited because I thought she would have a wide variety of fun gifts to choose from. But such luck! I guess that goes to show that even if someone has the opportunity to add items to their wish list from any store in the world, they will still stay in their comfort zone and play it safe.

Tanya Walton said...

Glad all your veggies are doing well....hope you have a nice time at the wedding...we don't do bridal showers at such here in the UK but i have seem them on movies and stuff....i think I would have liked to been showered with gifts before i got married!!!
Tradition in England is to give horseshoes and i always go with a real one of these decorated up...very nice and they can be hung outside!!

Good luck gift hunting!