Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No garlic

I dug up a few feet of my garlic rows and there is nothing there. I think it might have been too wet and the bulbs rotted in the ground. This means no home-grown garlic this winter. Imagine if I were dependent on the garden for all my food!

The potatoes look good so far though, I dug up one plant and found three large and one medium tuber. Covered in mud of course, thanks to the almost 4 inches we got Monday night! I think I'll wait for it to dry out a bit more before bringing in the rest.

I placed my order for hard neck garlics to plant this fall. These are supposed to be better suited for my climate so maybe I won't have a repeat of this year. I'm also going to get more of the Yukon Gold potatoes for next year. I like the results from planting leftovers from last year, so this is a good variety to be going forward with.


Tanya Walton said...

Hope you have better luck with your garlic next year and glad your potatoes are producing a good yield!!

Green Lane Allotments said...

When did you plant your garlic as it seems a bit late for picking. Ours was planted in October and harvested in June. Maybe your climate is very different I was never any good at geography!

Tim said...

Hi Tpals. Not sure if it's a good variety for you across the pond, but 'Morado' did okay for me this year.

Best regards anon,