Monday, September 6, 2010

The long holiday weekend

This was a good, busy weekend.

Saturday was a messy day of finishing off the pickle making. After a few weeks to let them develop flavor, I'll have to have a picture post and taste test. I'm not really a huge pickle fan, but when it's a bounty year for cucumbers, what else do you do? After last year, with no cucumbers, this has been fun.

Sunday my dad came over and we worked on the shed. The studs and end roof trusses are up and we've got the spacing in for the recycled window that will go on the south side. Knowing the weather was about to change, I spent part of the evening digging up the potatoes. One had worms and a couple I stabbed with the garden fork, but still a nice haul.

My son came home from his first week at college. He's kept on his old job so will probably be home most weekends to work. When I first asked him to tell me about it he rolled his eyes and declared that it was only 4 days! But then he started talking and it was a floodgate of information. I heard about all his classes and teachers, the good breakfasts and infuriating parking fine, working out and making friends. Mostly good so far!

After bouncing a few ideas back and forth for his first speech assignment, he decided to do it on National Preparedness Month and why everyone should have three months of supplies. The outline covered three main points: it's recommended by the govt. in case of pandemic, it's protection here in case of major blizzards, and in case something interrupted supply deliveries such as trucker strikes because of how little is kept in the stores at any time. He's got a self-confidence that should make him a good speaker. Lucky, I always stuttered.

The first thing I did after he headed back to campus was locking up the house. This aloneness is going to take more getting used to.

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