Saturday, October 30, 2010

Insulin, insurance and pharmacies

I picked up one of my son's insulin prescriptions today. Only part of it though because the pharmacy only keeps 2 or 3 boxes in stock at a time so they asked me to pick up the rest on Monday. That started off alarm bells in my head - what if there really was an interruption in the supply? How many people in the community don't have a supply at home and would be trying to get their hands on those last 2 boxes?

Fortunately, my son doesn't use as much as is called out on the original prescription so we've been able to acquire a nice stock that would last a long time in an emergency.

Then there's the issue of the cost. If I didn't have insurance, those three boxes would have cost $750! Who can afford those prices???

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Tanya Walton said...

It makes me glad to live in the Uk with NHS for the kids...sure we pay for the adult prescriptions but those under 16 are free and those in full time education are supplemented. having said that even adult prescriptions aren't as expensive as your without insurance.