Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let it rain!

I've been wondering if the rain was waiting for the roof to be finished. ;)

Seriously though, it might have some interesting angles going, but it's up! I was the assistant to my roofing son today and I'm so happy to have this done.

Obviously, I wasn't able to finish the door and trim yet but look at that nice paint job. :))

The temps dropped low enough last night to finally nail the mosquitoes. Yay!!!!!!!

My to-do list is still very long, high now is getting the garlic planted, but for now I'll bask in the glow of finishing another stage of the shed.

1 comment:

Tanya. said...

wow the shed looks fantastic....and the roof is very first rate. I still have to get my garlic in the ground too...hopefully by the weekend!!