Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Huff Puff and Blow

This is what is left of my parent's greenhouse after the winds struck today.

I gave in and turned on the furnace. I'm not sure how cool it was since the thermostat only goes down to 60. Cool enough to give me the chills, although I suspect some of that was caused by hearing the wind howl. Shiver. Imagine if this was January and all the rain from yesterday had been snow!
I'm thankful that the flat tire I had yesterday happened then...today would have been much worse.
Interestingly, even though things aren't all sunshine and good times, I'm in a good mood. I feel like I can handle the everyday stresses better.


Judy T said...

Ooo, that makes me glad we didn't have time to set up my greenhouse this fall. We had howling winds as well.

tpals said...

Hmm...the furnace kicks in for about 30 seconds then turns off. Looks like I'll be calling the repairman in the mornin.

Tanya. said...

wow...that was some wind. I remember my Mum's old greenhouse doing this...it had the poor guinea pig inside it too. It lived and was checked over by the vet but never really was the same after that!!