Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lighting the way

I've been thinking about something I normally take for granted - light. How would I adjust to the lights going out long term? I've always kept a few candles and a couple of oil lamps, but what if that were all I had to work with?

The experiment I'm trying is to do without electric lights in the evening and see what works. The oil lamps put out a lot more light than candles, but it's still much, much less than I'm used to. Just compare that dim glow to a computer monitor! I also need to buy wicks.

I placed an order with Emergency Essentials this month to take advantage of some good sales and the free shipping. Part of my order was light sticks (very good temporary option avoiding any fire hazard) and 'one hundred hour candles'.

Of course, I also have some flashlights. Those with rechargeable batteries could be a big help. I'm tempted though, to find a battery operated clip-on light for reading. An evening without a book would be a sad time.

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Tanya Walton said...

I am a huge natural light lover and have many candles and oils lamps (just like yours!) around the home. Don't tend to use them as much now we have less power outages though....it's a shame really as it's much kinder to the eyes than the harshness of florescents.

i think we are just to spoilt with all the technology around today.

i love to have any excuse to use natural light instead of man-made!!