Friday, January 7, 2011

Strange day

It started off normally enough: up at 6, getting ready for work, heading out for the 40+ mile commute. That was the end of normal; a light dusting of snow had obviously been blowing vigorously all night causing drifting. While there were tire tracks to follow, the snow still was scraping the bottom of my car. Where were the snowplows hiding?!?

The main question in my mind at this stage was if the interstate would be in better shape because of more traffic or worse like Thursday. The radio soon answered that question; a state trooper rolled over in the ditch, a semi jack-knifed, four miles of traffic backed up by another serious accident. I turned around and went home. I'm lucky that I could call one of my co-workers to turn on my computer and remote-access it from home yet it felt odd to be geared up for going to work only to spend the day here.

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Tanya Walton said...

Well you definitely did the right thing by turning point in putting yourself at unnecessary risk. It's a shame though that these days only come in the bad weather and therefore we are still cooped up inside and don't really benefit from an extra day at home!