Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today I had to shovel a path to the dog pen and inside it to open the gate. That ten inches of snow we got last weekend blew into some amazing drifts back there. The garden is now buried deeper than before we had the melt-week. I hate that tingling/itching feeling I get in my fingers when they get too cold.

I stumbled across a British show called Fast and Loose; it's a lot like Whose Line so I figured my son would like it. Some of the skits they do get a bit tedious and it makes a big difference which comedians are on, but there is one part that is on each time and makes the whole thing worth while. David Armand's interpretive dance is absolutely brilliant. Some of his stuff is on youtube, but he's gotten better. The last episode with him doing Don't Stop Me Now is the best. Watch it.


Tanya Walton said...

I'm British and never even heard of the show,,,,but I do have to admit to not being much of a TV person...give me a good book any day!

Tim said...

Hi Tpals

I've not yet caught Fast and Loose, but I liked Whose Line when it first appeared, so it's top of my list.