Monday, February 28, 2011

Healthy eating

I stopped at the store to load up on lots of fresh fruit and veg today. It looks like a lot but the fruit will disappear quickly when a certain 19 year old college student comes home on the weekend. The bananas are a bit too green even for my taste, but that's all the store had and these won't be green for long. Yes, I bought 3 pineapples! Who knows when they will go on sale again.
The sticker shock came from the romaine lettuce; it's gone up nearly a dollar in a week. I'll be eating more salads and I don't like iceberg so...

I can't wait for spring when I can start getting greens out of my own garden!

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Tanya. said...

It really grieves me when it gets to this time of year and fresh produce is so expensive but it's impossible to buy your own...I recently bought a seed sprouter and lots of different's not quite full salad but I am really enjoying a nice variety in my sandwiches...maybe you could look into getting one...they really are good and only take a few days in which to be ready to eat!