Thursday, March 3, 2011


For fun I took pictures of today's meals. The basic idea of the Slimming World plan is to fill 1/3 of the plate with 'superfree' foods - generally veggies or fresh fruit.

Breakfast: lean ham and eggs with fruit.

Lunch: chicken, lettuce and carrots with fat free dressing.

I've sort of run into a mental block on dinner so all I know I'm eating so far is beets.

The biggest challenge to date is getting past the cravings for junk foods. I'm eating generous portions of the healthy stuff so I know the urges aren't caused by hunger...more habit and taste. So, is the fact that I feel healthier from eating this all in my head or can it be biological so soon?


Tanya. said...

You can feel the benefits of eating better very quick. Just remember though your body does need a certain amount of junk so let yourself have a little each day as this will tell your body it's getting what it needs...kill the urges a little and stop your body storing sugars and fats the minutes you do have some as it won't know when it will get them again.

Nothing is bad for you in moderation!

mrsnesbitt said...

Have a ready supply of nibbles - healthy ones ie fat free chips - boil potatoes, dry then spray 1cal fat on baking tray and cook in oven - result chips. Pulses are things like beans. I LOVE vegetarian chilli - just lots of different beans, tinned tomatoes + chilli powder. Good work so far. Keep it up. xxx