Sunday, February 13, 2011

This and that

We've had three entire days of in: above freezing! It's amazing and I could definitely get used to this. I even saw a bit of bare ground. Of course, it was where the plow had moved the snow away, but it still counts. :)

I was reading a post where someone listed an inventory of things they had stockpiled. The ones that stood out to me were 400 rolls of toilet paper which they estimated would last nine months and 5 CASES (!!!!!!) of toothpaste. Why on earth would someone buy more toothpaste than they could use in the rest of their lives but less than a year of toilet paper? Someone out there might have deep issues with oral hygiene.

Inflation: corn has taken a significant leap up in price. This is going to reflect in most food prices because so much out there contains corn products or is fed corn. In the last week I noticed some fresh vegetables were selling for as much as 30% more than normal. A couple months ago I bought a new bra; last week I decided to pick up another of the same style (after all, how often do you find one that is comfortable?) and found the price had risen by $2. This just confirms the warning that cotton prices were up and clothing would follow... it has.

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Tanya Walton said...

Inflation is everywhere...It makes me think about buying more than one when I find something that is comfortable so that when it wears out I won't pay double next all I need is for the kids to stop growing so I can do the same with them!!

As for the toilet rolls versus toothpaste...a little strange...maybe they have lots of pets and clean there teeth too?? I wonder if they bought the toothbrushes to go with that toothpaste??