Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Work was so weird today! The building I work in is right next to a river and my cubicle is in the basement. With the massive amounts of snow upriver and the sudden change from freezing to very warm there are flood warnings out all over the area. Today we had to prep for the possible damage by clearing out all lower desk and file cabinet drawers, getting power cords and strips up off the floor and removing anything hanging on the cubicle walls (they're going to raise all the walls 5 inches). I had to move my computer from it's place under the desk and there are pallets of sandbags ready to be used. Plans are being made for some engineers to work at the other facility and others to work from home in case the worst happens.

It would probably be easiest for me since I already work from home a couple days each week. Part of my paranoid nature has me keeping back-ups of ALL my boards on a thumb drive. That means if the network is down, power is out, or any disaster struck at the office, I could carry on with my work.

I'll be keeping a close eye on the news to see what happens with the river in the next few days. I'm very glad I don't live by water!

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Tanya Walton said...

I am always glad I live in-land when I hear of the flood warnings about...add to that the fact I am on the top of a hill makes me feel pretty secure.

Fingers crossed your river holds it own in the thaw!!