Sunday, May 22, 2011

Lovely Lilacs

The lilacs are finally beginning to blossom so I brought some inside to provide that 'subtle scent of lilac' as my son described it. Flower close-ups are so fascinating ... intricate perfection.

Yesterday I started up the lawn mower (the entire yard is a bit too much for me to tackle with the reel mower). It's always a challenge getting it running the first time in the spring, but necessary; the grass was taking over.

Storms have been pushing through the area in waves recently. This afternoon I took scraps over for the chickens and when I got home had to quickly try to unlock the door as the latest swept in ... needless to say I was damp by the time I managed it.

I did something new today: I canned 6 quarts of chicken. The store had a sale on leg quarters last week and I've been wanting to try to preserve food without relying on electricity; thus, canning. I followed the instructions in the Ball preserving book for bone-in raw pack and everything went smoothly.

Back to work tomorrow.


Tanya Walton said...

I'm interested to know how you find your canned chicken...if it tastes good I would love to know how and give it a long does it 'keep' for??

Tim said...

Love lilac! Ours over the pond (South-east England) have been going a good couple of weeks or more, but we're really worried over our lack of spring rain. We've had none.