Monday, May 28, 2012

Ladybugs and other tidbits

Last night I released a package of 1500 ladybugs. Amazing! Per the instructions, I kept them in the fridge until ready to release. Last night, after the rain had passed I sprinkled some in the flowers and left the open package in the polytunnel. While most will fly away to find food, there were lots still in the polytunnel this morning and some were already working on making the next generation.

Everything is enjoying the mix of ample sun and rain and proving it by growing well. I'd rather the weeds weren't doing so great, but at least the garden is taking off. I checked the hedge and the only plant that had me worried has started leafing out, so that's a success.

I've just been shifting some of the logs that are in the way of the pen expansion. Whew! It's a lot harder when the humidity is high.


Tanya Walton said...

Where did you get the ladybirds from?? And why?

tpals said...

Amazon, of course! Is there anything they don't offer?

I got them to keep the aphids in check. And hopefully to encourage them to live around here again. They've become scarce.