Friday, August 2, 2013


We didn't know what it was at first but felt it like something massive had fallen in the house. My parents heard it on the farm four miles away and ran outside to see if the cause was visible. Apparently, on a farm just outside of town, something exploded in a fire pit. Fortunately, no one was badly hurt.

I spruced up the bathroom decor a bit with seashells and air plants.

This morning I tackled the polytunnel weeds before it got too warm in there, but I've been dragging ever since so I must have overdone it. At least I got some other things done this week. Six quarts of dill pickles made and 10 bags of grated zucchini froze. I deliberately planted loads of those so I could stock up on them. Bring on the glut!


Compostwoman said...

Our courgette glut has just begun :)

Tanya Walton said... you grate the courgettes and freeze it. Do you do anything special with it before you freeze it?? How do you freeze it and then what do you do with it??