Sunday, July 28, 2013

RIP Georgie

I bought five hens from a local breeder on Oct 19, 2009. They lived at the farm in the old barn at first. Later, when I had my chicken coop built, the two left were moved to my place. Because one had a raspy voice like a heavy smoker, I called them Georgie and Gracie.

Original five

Tonight I found Georgie dead in the chicken pen. Although just over four years old, neither lay anymore but I'm too attached to all of them to cull any.

Here she was last summer with the flock.
I know I can't keep all of this years chicks; some are clearly roosters already. It's just the hardest part for me.


Sue Garrett said...

I'd find that really hard too.

mrsnesbitt said...

Always sad, bless a little life but a happy life and one which brought you so much pleasure. Hugs.

Tanya. said...

Sad to see a loved animal pass away. good luck deciding which chickens will stay and which will go!!