Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rough weekend

It's hard when I have a to-do list but my health doesn't cooperate. Worse that I have no clue what causes these days of debilitating exhaustion.

Happier stuff: the gardens!
    The zucchini/pumpkin patch is going strong. The pumpkins closest to the black walnut tree are noticeably smaller, but still growing. There is a row in the middle that seems stunted which is where the runoff from snow melting on the street goes...makes me wonder what's in it.

Actual zucchinis! I deliberately planted loads so I can restock my freezer.

The cucumbers are determined to foil my attempts to get them to climb instead of spreading across the ground.

I wish I could turn the chickens loose the feast on the hundreds (thousands?) of baby grasshoppers around the house and garage.

I found 10 enormous (at least an inch long) tan beetles attacking my new grape vine. I knocked 9 of them into a bucket and dumped it into the rain barrel. One flew away too fast. Cabbage butterfly caterpillars were devouring my potted kale plants. I took the ravaged leaves down to the hens who made quick work of munching them (and the bugs).


Sue Garrett said...

Do they use salt to melt the snow as they do in our parts? The salty soil wouldn't be liked by your plants.

tpals said...

Our town hardly can afford to plow the snow. But it is right through the neighbors drive, so anything could flow down.

mrsnesbitt said...

I ADORE home produced cucumbers - nothing like what the supermarkets supply.

Tanya. said...

Do you freeze your courgettes whole??