Sunday, May 4, 2014

3 week chicks and gardening!

This morning I moved the chicks out of the living room into the garage. It's still too cold for them to go out to the coop but they needed more space and I needed fresh air. :)

I propped up a board for them to roost on and they've graduated to the larger waterers. At first they were freaked out by the change and huddled together, but now they've spread out and are enjoying themselves.

Saturday was one of those most precious of things: a beautiful day on a weekend. My neighbor kindly got my gardens tilled Friday so I was able to get busy on planting. Peas, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and lots of onions went in the ground. It feels so good to get started. I hope to get the rest of the cool weather veggies in later this week.

Of course, we couldn't have two nice days in a row. Today was cold and windy, but I'm feeling worn out anyway, so it might be just as well.


Tanya Walton said...

Nice to see the chicks roaming around in their new home. I didn't realise you had them in the house...what did the cats think??

Glad you got a nice day and got plenty of work done. I often think it's a blessing after such a wonderful day to have a bit of a grotty one so you don't feel so guilty about not being so sctive!!

tpals said...

The cats were really annoyed that they weren't allowed in that room!

Leigh said...

Your chicks are so cute! And well done with your garden planting. :)