Thursday, May 15, 2014

Frost and babies

It's a strange sight to see the birdbath with a layer of ice in mid-May but that's what was waiting this morning. Brrr. As an added bonus my 20 year old furnace has given up on life. I suppose that looking on the bright side I wouldn't have known the furnace was dead if we hadn't had this cold snap and would be making the unpleasant discovery next winter.

On happier news: I tried hatching out some eggs I got on ebay for fun. Not a great success with only one chick out of 15 eggs, but it's a cutie. I felt so sorry for it sitting all by itself in the brooder that I sent my son to pick up some companions at the store.

The hatchling

The companions are 3 day old Americana pullets and are VERY laid back. In contrast, Doc (named for Doc Brown from Back to the Future) practically crackles with nervous energy and excitement.

They didn't stay inside for long. Last night I bundled them up and shoved them under Watson who has been broody. I peeked this morning and all are still cozy and safe under their surrogate mum. Success!


tpals said...

Watson is being a good mum and all four are still doing great. :)

Leigh said...

They are so, so cute! Love the topknot chick. So sorry to hear about your furnace, but you're right about the timing. Thank heavens there's always a bright side.

Sue Garrett said...

They are so cute especially the one with the top knot.