Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I love peeks into other blogger's pantries so here is a look at mine. This is all in the basement. These are the main food racks holding a combination of home canned and store bought items. Mostly veggies with some fruit for variety.

On the bottom are 2 liter bottles of water for emergency use. The main supply is the 55 gallon barrel but these are easily portable. Some things are used normally, others are for dire times. For example: the gallon of local honey will be used eventually (and I wish I'd bought more when it was available!) but the lard is an if-when item.

Here are my long-term supplies; foods that are purposely packaged for a long storage life. The large buckets hold the main food supply: wheat, rice and oats while these cans are the luxury foods that will add flavor, interest and important nutrients to an otherwise bland diet. The bottom shelf holds extra canning supplies.

Emergency pet foods are really for a bad winter when it may be impossible to make it to the store for weeks at a time. I had my parents pick up an extra 25 lb bag of flour on their last trip to Sam's. They won't go again until the Christmas madness has passed.

So, that's the food side. Of course there is also food in the kitchen cupboards for daily use and some things I've been stocking up on that hasn't been stored properly such as sugar, salt and powdered milk.


Tanya. said...

wow...My house has neither pantry nor basement so I would have nowhere to store this amount of stuff. I have a large shed which has a few extra items stocked but nothing on this scale. I wish i had the room to buy and store like this...life would be so much easier in an emergency.

tpals said...

I think part of it is what was expected at the time of building. My house was built around 1935 and is smallish with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, but without any local shops people were expected to keep stockpiles. The modern tendency is much bigger but with very little storage.