Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Sometimes I find myself sliding into a self-pitying frame of mind. It can come from loneliness or receiving yet another bill or all the worrying that comes naturally to mothers. This time of year can be difficult when so many people are rushing about spending money madly and not spending money is a priority for us.

When a reboot of my mental state is needed, something that works well for me is to watch The 1940s House. Seeing how the family copes with rationing and making do with less and less helps me put my lifestyle in perspective. Maybe having my hair done isn't in the budget, but I do have shampoo and soap and plenty of hot water. I may envy the guys going out to lunch at work, but my pantry has an abundance of food and I don't have to spend hours in queues to get a small quantity of supplies.

I try to imagine how we (the general we of society) would handle rationing. My son wouldn't come home every weekend because of gas rationing. That would be one of the hardest adjustments for me. The boredom of eating the same foods every day would be a challenge. Many of my co-workers would have serious trouble with coffee rationing! Like the family in the show, I think we would all learn valuable lessons in not wasting.

Reboot completed.

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