Monday, May 27, 2013

A day in the life

Sometimes I get confused on which holiday is in the spring: memorial day or labor day. That's because either way I end up working on that day. Not paid work, just at home things on the to-do list. This morning I woke early and got a head start on some inside items. I had thawed zucchini last night and was ready to make a batch of scrumptious bread. Once that was in the oven I started a chicken in the slow cooker. Then, back to bed until the timer sounded and I had to take the loaves out.

Because we received another 0.8" of rain (boo hoo!)last night the garden is still off limits. Next big project on the list: expanding the chicken pen. With the new chicks in the coop, I really wanted to give the adults space to roam and enjoy. While I moved fencing panels (to keep dogs out) my son worked on replacing the tire on the log splitter so we could shift it out of the new pen area. Unfortunately, the seal on the other tire failed as well so we had to put a temporary fence around it until I can pick up another tire and get it moved out. It was hard work because the panels had to be lined with chicken wire to keep the hens in and cats (and the neighbor's tiny dog) out. Finally finished and a chance to observe the explorers. You can see that I left this section unmowed so they would have the lush grass.


And to share the joy; here is Duchess, proud mum of thirteen!

She is doing a fine job and I am very pleased that she was willing to take on the entire brood, especially considering their advanced ages. I was a little worried that others might interfere or cause problems, but so far nobody is willing to mess with her!

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