Sunday, May 26, 2013


One of our older hens has been broody for about a week so on the off chance I stuck one of our week-old chicks under her last night to see what she would do. Success! She has adopted it and they've bonded nicely. We just took the other dozen out and shoved them under her. She pecked at me a lot but not the chicks so hopefully this will be a success all around. I'll check in the morning to make sure they're all sheltering well and keep the inside pen set up just in case. Another thing I need to do tomorrow is set up a bit of fencing to keep the other hens out of her zone (they are still wanting to lay where she is) and keep waterers and feeders there for her new family.

Otherwise, it was a disappointing day of rain and wind and twenty degrees cooler than forecast. Nothing accomplished.

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Tanya. said...

I'm sure this will make her a much happier hen. And also give the chicks a very good start.