Saturday, August 23, 2014


I'll probably make a hash of trying to get my thoughts onto the screen in a logical manner, but here goes.

I recently came across a blog that I really enjoyed. Their farm, animals, hard work, and homeschooling were all interesting (and lots of pictures which makes it fun). The sticking point was the politics. I'm not a fan at the best of time of anything political, and while I could always skip those posts, having them in my blog list bothered me.

Something else I've noticed is that topics seem to come and go in waves; example: with all the scary and important news available to discuss lately, I've seen various blogs bashing feminism in the last couple weeks. Either the posts or supporting comments always contain digs about 'unshaven hags' and men-haters.

I don't understand why someone picks out the extremists of a group and uses them and their actions to deride and mock all the rest. Just imagine if nobody could say they were Republican without having to endorse and support every statement made by Michele Bachmann?

So, do I consider myself a feminist? Yes. Do I think women are better then men? No. Are individuals of either gender better at some things than others? Absolutely. As for the insults: my legs are clean-shaven and sometimes I'll wear earrings (unless I need the noise-cancelling headphones on at work because 'ouch') and I quite like men of all types. From John Candy to Mark Owen and John Barrowman to David Marciano, men are delightful.

And that's pretty much all for tonight.

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Leigh said...

Well, I'm with you on politics. Seems it's a hobby or competitive sport for a lot of folks. I'm also with you on disrespecting anyone, especially through a public venue like blogging. I doubt we ever agree with anyone else 100% of the time and folks have the right to their opinions and lifestyles without criticism. I just always hope to be treated the way I try to treat others.