Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Adjusting for winter

Yesterday rained; all.day.long.

Today is gray, cold and windy. The forecast is cloudy or mostly cloudy for the next week and today is one of the warmest days with an expected high of 35F. I know this is better than dropping straight down to single digit temps, but it is so hard to stay upbeat.

I need to put away 300 lbs of chicken feed now. Brrrr


Mama Pea said...

We've gone into a nose dive of temperatures here now, too. Hope the moisture falling from the sky doesn't turn to ice. Love snow, hate ice. Putting away those 300 pounds of chicken feed will warm you up. We moved some wood yesterday and that was warming, too!

Susan said...

We've finally had two days straight of dry weather and it seems like a miracle. Of course, it will start raining tomorrow, the temperatures will plummet and it will snow. You are so right - it's hard to keep upbeat with this relentless grayness. Let's hope that we get some sun to perk us up. And I was whining about unloading 100 lbs of chicken feed...