Thursday, October 31, 2019

Working Blues

Today is my 7th day of working in a row; but it's also the last day before a long weekend off! I cover the Urgent Care or Emergency Room shifts so always in the evening. That's my preference; I leave the morning shifts for those with children and spouses to go home to. This way I get to sleep in. :)

My house was in the 50s this morning as the fire died down during the night. I suppose eventually I'll have to turn the furnace on, but we haven't even gone below zero yet and it just feels too early. What I will do this weekend is put flannel sheets on the bed!

I should go back out and bring in another bag of wood. There is nothing worse than waking up to an empty wood rack by the stove; I try to keep enough for a day and a half inside. Of course, there's the emergency stack in the porch, but that's for sickness, blizzards or injuries; basically, whenever hauling more in becomes a major event.


Susan said...

I'm with you - I do not turn my furnace on until the outside high doesn't reach past 32. I just wear layers and bundle the dogs up in their flannel coats. I was introduced to fleece sheets and, although they are most likely NOT environmentally friendly, they are my secret (not now) vice. You are warm as soon as you slip under the covers. Problem is, I don't want to slip out in the morning! Seven days in a row in Urgent Care and Emergency sounds pretty grueling. I hope you got to relax over your long weekend.

tpals said...

The sheets make it almost too warm some nights, but it's fun to poke my nose out and appreciate how toasty I feel. The long weekend was great!