Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Today I head back to work...yippee...;) It was wonderful having those four days off even though it rained on two of them. I finally got some of the little chores done that I had put off, like bringing in the last garden hose before it froze solid (and split) and emptying the rain barrel. I also spent some quality time with my parents and a good friend.

I was just reading a BBC article with this line "Risks of adverse health effects arise when indoor temperature drops below 19C, with serious health risks occurring below 16C, it says." Out of curiosity I looked those temps up in our terms: 66F and 60F. I would be very interested to learn what these serious health risks are since my house frequents drops into the 50s. Granted, I usually put on an extra layer and when sitting have a cat or two acting as lapwarmers, but it isn't a hardship by any means.

Recently, I bought myself a treat, a box of assorted Lego pieces. I have had SO much fun sorting them by size and shape that I got out my son's Legos to play with too. Not only do I enjoy them, but it brings back happy memories of getting down on the floor and building with him all those years ago.

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Susan said...

Yes, I'd be interested to know what dire health problems are caused by cool inside temps. My house is almost never above 60F in the winter! What a fun way to exercise your brain - Legos! Thanks for the reminder about the rain barrels. I need to get them emptied before Friday night.