Thursday, November 14, 2019

Spice Shelf Time Capsule

There are very few spices I use enough to need replacing regularly: salt, pepper, cinnamon, cloves...that's about it because I don't cook much. I ran out of garlic salt recently and grabbed a replacement from Costco. It was awful! Harsh flavor that didn't agree with me at all, I spent an evening regretting the tiny sprinkle I used on spaghetti.

So, thinking I might just order more of the same brand I had before, I looked online. Apparently, Schillings hasn't been sold since 2002! Which raises the question of just how old my little container was? I will buy some McCormick's brand since they bought out Schillings and hope for the best. I've already told my son he can help himself to whichever spices he wants when he moves out; it only makes sense as he's already a better cook.

Other than that, my cold has moved into my lungs bringing about some coughing. Bleah, I am so ready for this to be over.

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