Thursday, January 16, 2020

Fickle feathered friends

I get a great pleasure watching the interactions of the birds at the feeders. Which ones will flick the food out onto the ground, the flitting in one at a time and the whoosh of a mass departure.

A couple weeks ago, I had a surprise visit by a small group of starlings; they checked out the food options, then left. Sadly, all the others left too. For a week and a half, not a single bird came by; the feeders swung, full and lonely. Then, two sparrows returned and had the place to themselves for days. Finally, one morning I looked out and everyone was back! Bluejays, finches, woodpeckers, a junco and masses of sparrows. Where did they go? Why do they travel in mixed company?

This morning was quiet on the bird front; even they don't like -13F. I'll be spending as much time inside as possible today. Brrrr.


Mama Pea said...

Despite the fact that we have seeds and suet and peanut butter out for our birds, we've noticed a severe lack of all species this winter. Are we killing them all off by the poisons in our environment? :o(

Tanya. said...

Hi Tpals...I'm back...with an opinion of not disappearing again...good to see you posting....weird about the birds disappearing for so long...ours don't like it when the starlings come down on mass though we don'r see the starlings so much in the winter.

Any thoughts yet on a follow up to 'Something Begins'?? Really cant wait for a sequel!!

Susan said...

I wish my current rash of bluejays would vacation somewhere else. I must have more than 10 of them and they hog the feeder! I can always tell when the weather is headed south - every feeder is covered with the little birds!