Thursday, July 29, 2021

What's that smell?

I can smell Canada! The smoke has led to an air quality alert and makes a thick haze. It wasn't too bad this morning, but now it's pretty bad.

Yesterday was our hottest of the year; over 100, humid and with a feels like temp in the 120s. Miserable. So, when I woke up early today my first thought was firewood, of course. I've had a pile of wood in my yard for two months. It's very, very dry and we might get rain tomorrow (fingers crossed) which is why I wanted to get it put away. I worked for two hours and got through most of it. Then, when I got back from a grocery run to the city, I decided to finish it off. My feet are tired (and very dusty) but my bad knee is acting up and not happy.

Now I'm trying to find the energy to take a much needed shower and maybe eat something before I fall asleep.


Susan said...

Of course you would immediately think of firewood in that heat! LOL! That combination would have me prostrate on the floor in front of my fan. I hope you got the rain. We had smoke from the Canadian fires here, too. It seems like one end of the country is burning and the other is flooding.

Mama Pea said...

I say good thing you're still alive and kickin' after working stacking wood in the heat you've been having. Our heat and haze/smoke from Canada is about the same as yours. Can't help but feel sorry for the folks much, much closer to the fires than we are. I'm not bothered too much by the "dirty" air but my poor husband is being driven nuts by the itchy/sore eyes it's causing him.