Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Ooooh, is this fall?

I think we've had more rain in the last two weeks than we did all summer; right on time for the farmers to be in the fields for harvest. Oddly, even though I live just four miles from my parents, they didn't get the last three rainfalls that I did. I had an extra load of wood delivered which I'll stack outside to season for next year. It's a nice feeling to be ready for winter. 

I harvested the rest of my apples. So much yummier than store-bought. Hmmm, maybe from the dirty aquarium water I poured under the tree all summer? This tree is seven years old and bearing nicely. Yay, honeycrisps!

My basement is the catch-all for stuff in my house; like when I got new electronic equipment and wanted to hang onto the box in case of problems. Now I want to do a bit of decluttering so those boxes are getting cleared out along with odds and ends. I've reached a stage where things I held onto in case they came in handy, I now realize I am unlikely to ever use.

A couple days ago I tried on a size smaller t-shirt. Hooray! It fit. I keep all my smaller clothes so going down a size is like getting a whole new wardrobe (for free). One thing I've learned this time is not to get overconfident so I will be holding onto my bigger clothes just in case life ambushes me.

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Mama Pea said...

Same with our fall rains here. We're not in "farm" country though so it's not hampering any harvests here. Not to say I don't have sympathies for real farmers. Our Honey Crisp apples still haven't matured to full flavor, but I'm betting our frequent, small rains will help. We're "box savers," too! Every now and then we have to decide if it's us or the huge accumulation of boxes that have to go. (But how do you send the big copy machine back for more repairs if you don't have the original packing box?) Kudos to you for now wearing that smaller t-shirt! It's not just the feel-goods from having "new" clothes to wear, but also the all-around feeling of . . . well, feeling better! You go, girl.