Sunday, December 7, 2008

Not a boring Sunday

I was up late last night working. Instead of a nice lazy morning in I get a call from a co-worker "I shot a deer! Do you still want to learn how to butcher?" Ugh, no way, let me go back to sleep! Except I had asked for this so up and away we went to freeze our fingers and be introduced to the wonders of a deer carcass. I'll spare you photos simply because I was too groggy to grab the camera this morning. Oddly enough, even with my super-sensitive nose, I didn't smell anything. My nose may have been numbed by the cold, but it still seems strange.

My son and his girlfriend have broken up. He's angry, which is a normal reaction. I told him I still want to call my ex and scream profanities somedays. Of course, it wouldn't really help but the desire is there to make him feel something. It must be so much easier to be the one who stops caring and walks away. In one way it's much worse for my son; he has to see her at school every day and with other guys. What a mess.

I thawed out a bag of shredded zucchini last night. I'm going to take a break from work now and cook up some bread.

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