Sunday, December 21, 2008


I generally choose to stay home weekends because it's how I destress from work. What's weird is when I have to stay home because of the weather I feel trapped. Why does it seem different just because the choice is gone?

I've been asked a couple times what santa is bringing me...and since it's looking pretty slim I'm going to write about my wish list. The ultimate gift would be diamond stud earrings just because they're beautiful and symbolic of romance, love and commitment. The ultimate practical gift would be a solar water heating set-up. I'd have it plumbed into my furnace system and cut way down on heating costs. Gifts I would be tickled to receive would be things made: fingerless gloves, scarves, hats, preserves, easy recipes, seeds, yarn. And the romantic item I've always wanted: a chain with a heart-shaped pendant.

I received a card from my college friend this week. It's incredible that over eleven years have passed since we finished school. We used to work on our senior design project in their apartment. They didn't have kids then but there was a pool in their building and she taught R how to swim. Now they live in another state with three kids of their own. I love the cards and touching base with so many people this time of year.

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